There is always something happening at Pisco, a super-cool bar and events venue upstairs from Keenwä restaurant in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD.

Whether you want a delicious cooling cocktail on a hot day, to dance the tango on a cool winter night, celebrate your 21st or your 50th, Pisco is a place that everyone makes their own.


The Latest

  • Climbing the walls

    SiwaArtPisco is proud to be exhibiting the work of Siwa Mgoboza

    Siwa Mgoboza grew up abroad, moving from country to country, the child of a diplomatic service family.

    Through language and family he stayed connected to his Xhosa/Eastern Cape roots, regular visits “home” cementing his sense of belonging there. He was a happy outsider, absorbing cultures, languages and experiences his friends in South Africa could only dream of. Yet, back home to study as a young adult, Siwa again found himself to be an outsider. He had missed so many crucial steps on the road to becoming a Xhosa man, a South African. This work tells the story of Siwa reclaiming his Xhosa soul.

    This is an edited excerpt of the artist’s statement

    photo 1  photo(1)“One of the greatest values in my culture (and most African civilizations) is when a boy becomes a man – a rite of passage. I have always been disconnected from the geographical location of my ancestors and for the first time in my life I felt the need to try to understand my past, in the hope of understanding my truth. In 2010, I participated in a Hlubi (Xhosa/Sotho) initiation ceremony as a way of trying to find that spiritual connection between myself and those who guide me in this lifetime.

    The main medium for my work is Ingxwala, the ochre clay found in the Eastern Cape that is used when you enter training for the initiation ceremony. It is said that one’s ancestors are supposed to see one ‘white’, smelling ochre at all times. Ingxwala embodies a supernatural force that helps to prevent evil and keeps one in the light of one’s ancestral spirits.

    The ingwxala acts as an Axis Mundi, the connection between the physical realm and that which is above and below. This connection is crucial in the time of the ceremony, and with this body of work I reflected deeply on those 30 days, the teachings and the experiences of which are etched into my soul. I like to believe that I now live between this realm and that of my ancestors. My work is an exploration of those thoughts, memories and experiences that make me the man I am.”

  • Halloween


    Gallery of the good, the bad and the just plain ugly (click on pic)

  • Reno’s Eighties Party

    Reno1It was all big hair and big hats … and lots of other … umm … ‘fashion’ statements that might be better forgotten. Have a look at the gallery